One-click commissions! PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!

  • These are digital sketches, which can be either clean lineart or messy grayscale painting (please specify in your request!) Turnaround time is 1-3 weeks, depending on my workload and the complexity of your request.

  • This listing is for the full price of the commission, so you owe nothing upon completion. It's the fastest way to get your art. If you don't recieve your piece by the date I specify, you get a full refund.


  • You get one revision of the final piece (no complete re-draws) 

  • Extra revisions are +15% of the base price.



  • YES: explicit/NSFW, gore and depravity, any fetish (yes, I mean anything), vanilla/SFW, album covers, merch, icons, portraits...

  • NO: characters who appear underaged, copyright infringement (if used commercially), fetish/NSFW art of real people who didn't consent to being drawn.

  • No judgment. I love weird stuff.

Questions? Need to include reference images in your order? Maybe you'd like something complex or even a comic or sequential art? Please email me.

B/W Commission