The Dark Triad Series

Ezra Blake & Antonio Eros



19/m for killer, SERIOUS ONLY

My name is Ash. I’m looking for someone to kill me. I live in Florida and got to take the grayhound bus or you pick me up in your car. Please only e-mail me if your SERIOUS and can kill me right away. If your interested you reply to me at pleasekillash (at) gmail (dot) com
Posted March 22 at 11:11pm (your timezone is set to EST. Change?)

The FBI is sending Jake coded messages, Ash has found a loophole into heaven, and Elliot will do whatever it takes to get his tits chopped off, as long as it costs less than two grand. Set in the city of brotherly love, Psychostasis is a surreal, sickening, high-octane race to the bottom.

When three downward spirals collide, Jake, Ash, and Elliot find themselves entangled in a homicide pact, a cosmic puppet show, and a web of nefarious influence which draws them ever closer to the Providence Butcher.

Trigger warnings

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